Thursday, January 23, 2014

Second opinion

Darling's partner aunt who work with Harley Streets Group manage to secure a slot of appoitment with Dr Chee on the following Monday itself. Early in the morning before I off to work, I was thinking should I bring the scan images or not. I just tell myself to bring it along with me just in case...

I brought it to the office and decided to call my superiors for a short meeting in regards to my illness. I called Brian-Regional Manager, Aloysius-HR, John-my team leader. We had a serious meeting in Brian's office. I break the news and showed them where the tumor is. They just listen to me and I feel like I'm a neurosurgeon at that point of time. HAHAHA..

Brian said we(company) will do as much as we can to help you. In terms of supports and financial. Aloysius said take as much time as you need. Your job will be there, waiting for you. I knew I'll be in a very long leave and jokingly said to John, I'll not be able to finish my appraisal test on time. They said I'm strong to face this. For me, there's no use for me to cry. The tumor is there and I need to look forward to cure my illness. If I'm not strong, what about my parents? Sisters? Partner? Not to forget about my second opinion appoitment at 11am, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur with Dr Chee.

At about 10-ish I went down, grab a cab and off to GKL. The taxi driver try to cheat on me. The fare is RM16. I gave RM20 and he said, no small change. What? How can you drive a taxi without small change. I insist on my balance!!!! I met aunt at the lobby and heading to Dr Chee's suite. There's about 4-5 patient waiting there. I need to wait for quite sometime before the assistant called my name.

Since the Dr knows aunt, the chatted like friends and it makes me calm. The Dr then asked me few questions on my background and we discussed about my illness. He showed me where the tumor is, and insist to remove it as soon as apossible due to its position. Bottom back near my water cavity. He don't know what my tumor consist of, if it's contained pus&burst insidemy brain, it'll threatening my life. He asked me to go for surgery on the Wednesday itself,admit on Tuesday. I asked him if its can be postpone to Friday. He said yes.

The chronology is fast
Saturday-First MRI-KPJ Kajang
Monday-Second opinion-Gleneagles KL

Thats crazyyyyyyy!!!!

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