Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The result

And the result is, I have a tumor inside my brain. 2 cm in diameter and about 5 inch deeper(away from the skull). I was speechless when the Dr. Soezy said that. A bit blurr and I just go...

Me: Oh, its like a tumor is it?
Dr.: No, IT IS A TUMOR. So, how? Should I need to refer you to my colleague who is a neurosurgeon?
I don't know what to do-seriously!
Me: Ermm..I need to talk to my HR first (Dang! still thinking who's going to pay for the fee)
Dr.: I'll refer you to him la eh? He's our visiting Dr. Not sure when he'll come. Maybe this afternoon/night. Depends on him. If he can't come today, I'll discharge you.
Me: Ok Dr.

Then Dr. Soezy left me with some other informations. I didn't cry at all. I just pick up my phone and started to call people. I called my partner first who is in Singapore. I ask him what will he do if I'm no longer around? HAHAHA..come on, definitely he needs someone to take care of him. Other chicks of course! He seems quite when I told him off. He can't believe it and ask back, "You already know is it there's something wrong?" NOOO..I got no idea at all that I'm sick. Just happened I don't feel good about myself. He suggested I talk to his aunt who happened to work with Harley Streets Group. Maybe aunt can suggest few good neurosurgeon and I can go for second opinion..

I called aunt and she totally shock about the news. We talked for quite sometimes and she mentioned few neurosurgeon that is registered with Harley Street. One of the first name she mentioned  is Dr. Chee Chee Pin. She asked me to check the company website, decide on the Dr. and let her know. She then will help me get an appointment with the selected Dr.

I didn't check the website straight away. I played games, sleep, perform my prayer downstairs. I told my sister too. She just keep quite all the way during the phone call. Come on! I'm not gonna die tomorrow. There's time for us to fix this. I refuse to let my parents know cause dad has coronary problem and mom has blood hypertension. No older people at home to look after then if something bad happen.

*** I need some sleep ***

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