Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Today, the scar feels a bit itchy...
I scratch it slowly, just enough to counter the itchiness back...
But it keeps coming back

Monday, February 24, 2014

The review

From the scan images, Dr. Chee said it's the residual of the tumor build up around the wall make it looks like it relapse. Pheww.. I'm relieve to hear this. Further treatment can be delay as it might subside. Cyber knife can be done but it's not urgent. So, me and my partner decided to delay it as I just completed one major brain surgery last December. Plus the words from my Dr.

I'm now busy with weight lost programme cater to myself by yours truly. I can only do brisk walk as other sports are not recommended by Dr. Chee. So, evey morning after drop off my sister at komuter station, I'll go for a morning walk at UKM stadium. 3-4 rounds each day. In the evening, I'll go for another brisk walk for 4-5 rounds. Guess, I've accumulated enough fat for the past 3 months. I need to shed some pounds. I can barely fit into my working attire. I'm not gonna buy new attire! Hello running shoes!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review day

Tomorrow is the review day with my Dr. Wish me luck!


I was away. Im back now. Went back to my hometown for a fresh air and different environment. Its good for my recovery process. At home, I just being like a kid again. Played with sand in the evening, went to the seaside. I even run for the first time-by the beach! I totally forgot that I had a surgery about one and half month ago.

I eat my favorites foods there- lekor and banana fritters. Yummsss!! Mom cooked everyday for me. I'll helped her by doing other chores. Sweep the floor, mopping, and clothes department- almost everyday! Since they renovated the house- which is bigger now, sweeping and mopping is not an easy task.

Phewww...thats why is only almost everyday. With my restrictions on movement, I'm pretty proud with my progress. I can do house chores dddddddd! Awesome!!!

Tried traditional medicine for three days. No, I'm not forgetting my medicine given by the doctor. Nothing much to comment on this.

I shall write about my post surgery scan once the review done with my doctor on Friday. 
Darling partner is now back in Singapore. I miss you darl!