Saturday, June 20, 2015

A baby step

So, its been six month since the day.
Ive been waiting and there is no sign of a u-turn
Not even a glimpse of it

Ramadhan came
And the Almighty may have return this in Lul Mahfuz
That I should've take a baby step towards this issue, now
Disconnect all communication methods
Thats the first and more to come

Oh, I had a very bad headache on Thursday night
So bad till I couldnt wake up out of the bed
The time is draw nearer
I didnt have much time left
Gotta sort things out

Still, there is approximately two years to the expiry date
(Till I reached 31 years old)
When the day come and if only Im still around, 
Only then its finalize
I shall return everything and leave evrything behind