Saturday, January 24, 2015

Under the weather

Im not feeling well
The first time after he left
Feel lonely and empty
No one to turn too
Feel even sick!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A month has passed

Exactly a month,
he left..
My condition? 
Still under constructions...
There are times, I'm ok
There are times, I'm not
But surely, I'll be ok
I just need time
I can take as much time I need
No rush
Still, the love is still there

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Uneasy feeling

I dont feel good. I feel a lot more of dizzines nowadays. It easily come and go. Especially when I'm searching for position to lying down. I try not to eat the medicine prescribed by Dr. Chee. He said  I can a tablet or two if I don't feel good. But, I'm trying my best not to rely on meds. The next check-up will be in May. It's only January. Should I go back and see him in near time? I'm not sure if this temporary as I'm getting more active than before. What should I do now?

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Let it go

I just want to sleep all day long
To see and hold you in my dreams
The feelings is still the same
Deep down Im hoping that you'll turn around 
And say, lets go jalan-jalan
Me and you
Around the world
See things that havent seen
Experience all we can
Just the two of us
Thats only a dream, my dream
And I still hold to that hope.
So hard in letting you go
Caused youre the best thing ever happened in mylife 
Apart from my family
I isolated myself from the world
Mourning on the missing us
Days filled with moments we had
Not a day I feel regret 
People say, let him go, if he ever comeback, he's yours, 
If not, its never meant to be
My say, Im letting you go caused I love you, to the moon and back
You just going to that asteroid path, make a one big round 
With obstacles and all that
Later, you'll return to the round starting point
To the path where we initially had
See, how hard to let you?
Be safe and God bless in your journey

Friday, January 02, 2015


Dah masuk dua hari, 2015.
Tahun baru. Semangat pun kena baru jugak la kan.
Semangat aku berterbangan kemana-mana.
Belum bertemu jalan pulang.
Malam tadi mimpi. Apakah? 
Nak kata teringat sangat, macam biasa-biasa je on the day.
Ni first time mimpi. After almost two weeks.
Nyata, hati aku masih rapuh, masih belum utuh.
Ruang kosong tu, masih lopong. Masih lapang.
Masih merah, membengkak.
Aku doa luka tu sembuh cepat.
Biarlah kosong macamtu.
Sapa suka sendirian?
Kalau itu takdir aku, siapa aku nak lawan takdir kan?
Untuk tahun baru ni, aku cuma nak happy. Nak sama-sama orang yang aku sayang.
Tak, tak, material tu semua tak penting. Cukup dah apa yang aku ada.
Malah terlebih-lebih pulak rasa.
Kita kena bersyukur, sentiasa.
Dan semua itu bukan milik kita.
Bila-bila masa Dia boleh ambik balik.