Thursday, February 13, 2014


I was away. Im back now. Went back to my hometown for a fresh air and different environment. Its good for my recovery process. At home, I just being like a kid again. Played with sand in the evening, went to the seaside. I even run for the first time-by the beach! I totally forgot that I had a surgery about one and half month ago.

I eat my favorites foods there- lekor and banana fritters. Yummsss!! Mom cooked everyday for me. I'll helped her by doing other chores. Sweep the floor, mopping, and clothes department- almost everyday! Since they renovated the house- which is bigger now, sweeping and mopping is not an easy task.

Phewww...thats why is only almost everyday. With my restrictions on movement, I'm pretty proud with my progress. I can do house chores dddddddd! Awesome!!!

Tried traditional medicine for three days. No, I'm not forgetting my medicine given by the doctor. Nothing much to comment on this.

I shall write about my post surgery scan once the review done with my doctor on Friday. 
Darling partner is now back in Singapore. I miss you darl! 

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