Sunday, January 05, 2014

The hospital journey #1


On the night of 29 November, I stayed in the hospital. I'm entitled for twin sharing bed ward. That's fine. I aspect no visitor and I can't sleep that night!! I've been thinking of 'how many body has been lying down here-unbreathable?' HAHAHA..chicken me! Of all the things, that's the only sentence keep echoing inside my head!

The journey is like..
Register-nurse ushered to the ward-get your bed-prepare to sleep-other nurse came in to poke you and give medicine & orientation. Orientation? Basically they will ask your name-for confirmation, as stated by the hospital rules and regulations. One I can remember is this is female ward and no male are allowed to accompany you.

Oh..oh.. I'm more interested in poking part! The nurse poke me on my right hand. IT"S PAINFUL!!! For me-at least. Feels like kicking the nurse! Drama much? HAHAHA They said it's for flush in medicine-in liquid form. Do you know, that's the most thing I'm afraid of-branula. I thought I just sleepover the hospital bed for a night-get ready for tomorrow(any oral medicine is OK with me)-finished the procedure-and will be happily discharged and I'm home!!! Guess it's not happened that way, baby!

On the 30th I woke up early. Get myself ready and wait for the nurse. Dr Soezy booked my session at 1030am. Until 1045am only a garang nurse came. She's like super garang and not friendly at all! Reach the radiology department where the scan took place.

The person in charge asked me to change to the hospital gown and I need to remove any metal attached to my body. That include your bra if you wearing one with metal support. Basically, just remove everything as the scanner used a very powerful magnet source( i think). Oh, since I have a super long hair, I need to tie it high so that it wont disturb the image later. I forgot to remove my watch. Its not allowed as the procedure has the ability to damage it. Power right? After removing-changing to hospital gown-tie your hair,'re ready for the procedure.

They'll asked you to lie down on the bed and slowly the bed will be pushed inside a tunnel. Since mine was for brain, the put a protector helmet like a rugby player helmet and strictly say don't move your head. The tunnel just nice to cover my head and part of my body-below the shoulder. Once everything in place they'll start the machine. It's like..tung..tung..tung..grengg..grengg..grengg..grengg.. so noisy! I manage to get some sleep during the first round. Then the machine stop. Pheww..Thought it was over. Not that soon, baby!

The guy(who is incharge of the machine) or should I call him the machine controller? came and said, Dr. will come and inject you with some contrast solution. WHATTT??? cryyyyy.... It's PAINFUL! Trust me. Yes, they'll repeat the procedure after injecting some 'contrast solution' into my body. Another nurse told me that I have another 15minutes until the procedure ends. Gosh! What am I gonna do for another 15 minutes? They 'pushed' me inside the tunnel again and said the same thing; don't move your head. OK..OK..this is serious!

Don't move my head. At that point of time, my body sore because I never lie down for that long. Nearly press the bell and ask them to stop. But I know, I can't do that. 1)This is an expensive procedure 2) They have injected me with contrast solution 3)I don't want to repeat this procedure again. So, another longggg 15 minutes inside the machine.. Same noisy machine. But this time around, I started to come Shaun. 1 to 60=1 minutes. HAHAHA

Then slowly I feel sleepy and sleep for another round. Then the machine stop and the bed move out from the tunnel. I'm done!! Changed back to my outfit and wait for that garang nurse to pick me up back. Reached the ward and heck? what's more to do when you're alone in the ward? Playing games-checked. WhatsApp-checked. Sleep-unchecked. Another round of sleep in the ward. Around 2-ish, Dr. Soezyani came to reveal the result. She's super calm. Guess she's done this for donkey years regardless what is the result. I woke up and getting ready to hear the result. And the result is...

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