Thursday, August 14, 2014

The neurosurgeon visit

I spent the whole evening wandering around the ward. Have a deep thinking on how to fix my brain. Make few phone calls. I called my younger sister and break the news to her. She just went super quite and ask me to quickly remove the tumor. This is not a bag of rubbish dear, not that easy to remove! HAHAHA

While I'm playing Candy Crush at the mini park nearby, I receivec a call from the nurse, asking where am I. The neurosurgeon is looking for me. He went to my ward and only found an empty bed. So I met with the Dr., Dr. Farizal, a neurosurgeon from HUKM. WE discussed about my illness at the nurse counter.

He calmly took my imaging result and shove it at the panel. He explained to me about the tumor, where is it, the consequences of the tumor, etc. Before, he kind of interviewed my background.

Dr.: You must question, why me of all people. It's got nothing to do with your diet, genetic. Its just you're the chosen one. You're young, energetic, active. There's nothing wrong with you. Just that your cells decide one day to do something different. Taaa daaaa...there it goes; the tumor formed. Have you cried yet?

Me: Not yet Dr.

Dr.: This is not the end of your life.

Me: Ok, Dr.

Dr.: What are you going to do now? If you want to go for a second opinion, please let me know. I can write a reference letter for you.

Me: I don't know Dr. This is a huge, shocking news for me. I'll think about it and let you know.
We chat about an hour and I feel touch with his effort to come and visit me over the weekend.

We shaked hand and off he go. I continue playing my games in the ward. Dr. Farizal give me some time to think about what is the next course of action. I was discharge that very night.

Since I'm a self paying patient, I charge it into my card. RM3k. Woahh..this is the first time my card being charged over RM2k. After finished with the finance, the nurses gave me some medication for my dizzziness and they all asked me to be very careful. 

At night, my sister came with her husband and mother in law. She asked me either I'm ok or not. My parents called right after I jump into the car. I asked my sister not to reveal the news yet. I wanted to reveal that by myself. We went back and I sleep well that night.

**was suppose to publish this long time ago**

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