Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Edited and republish] : Distance

Distance merely means distance. Its approaching the real distance. Should I giving up on this nearly 8 years relationship or just pretend there's nothing happened? Hurt and it make my eyes teary. But we cant force love to come. Its a mutual feelings, respect to each other. Which I barely feels now. There is someone else in the picture, my heart say so. Someone who dear to his heart and its not me. Why cant we discuss this as an adult. Reality bites and not always nice. Be strong!


Guess I've published that years back. Sometimes you gotta follow your gut. Exactly a year after, it happened. We separated. Even though it's not a mutual agreement from the start, I'm all ok now. I'm glad that we separated now. Not after we got married and have kid(s). Oh, how can I be so strong and hang on to that rocking relationship before? So, this is the closure to that long time relationship. I learnt a lot from it. Thanks

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