Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The unexpected visit_ 15/08/2016

So, sepatutnya appointment Dr. Chee bulan Oktober. Lagi 2 bulan. But then, I’ve been losing weight quite a lot for the past weeks. 3 kgs in 2 weeks’ time. That’s a lot for me as I never hit the jackpot of losing that much weight in that time frame. Dr. Chee siap komen lagi, makin runcing muka. Kahkahkah..lawak la Dr. nih. In terms of my illness, takda apa yang nak dibimbangkan. Everything looks fine. Test jalan pun ok. Past history pun ok. So, takda yang abnormal. But then, Dr. Chee asked me to go for MRI soon. Just in case. He prescribe me with Stugeron just in case I need it. Then, I asked for Penadine as well. As a backup. The girls helped me with the MRI appointment. After some consideration, I’ll go for MRI next Wednesday at 10am and review is on Friday, 11am.

Sekarang nih, berdebarlah nak tunggu Rabu. Nak scan.

Doa banyak-banyak takda apa-apa. Otak, please be nice. Jangan nak macam-macam kat dalam tu eh?

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