Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reminiscence the past

Today, 2 years ago I was in OT hall. Waiting for my dedicated team to take over my body and extracted the tumour out.

Dr. Lim did the general anaesthetics on me. It was bright fluorescent orange liquid, injected through a huge syringe. The amount? A lot! as I can remember it's nearly fill up that syringe. Dr. Chee, (my neurosurgeon) is nowhere to be seen yet. My last words are "Dr., my private part is very itchy!" I heard Dr. Lim responded, "It's ok, that's...." And I dozed off. That's all I can remember.

Fast forward, I heard someone called up my name. I can see 2 figures standing right at the end of my bed. That voice asked me, "Do you know who is that, Suriani?" Of course. I called them with a low voice but enough to be heard, "Darling..." "Aunt Bee...". They nodded. "Do you know where are you now?". With confident, I replied back, "I...C...U...". Minutes later, Ibu, Abah and Juwer are already in the room. My other family members came later into that small room covered with an off-white curtain.

During my 2 days stay in ICU, I throw out countless times. Barely eat anything and allowed to sip  a small amount of water at a time. But, being me who always drank litres of water per day, few sip is not enough. I'll greedily sip more than I'm allowed to which end up with another throwing session. Poor nurses have to clean up after me many times per day, even it's in the middle of the night. 

Stayed in Bed 7B, Ward 765 Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur after the observation time is over for post recovery. Family and friends came to visit. I am truly blessed with the support system I have. Adibah and Tapau who are among the first to came after my "check-in". Fattah and Boy came at that very night and bring TOTO for my parents and sister who stayed overnight before the surgery. And Fattah brought over the newly washed TOTO from the dobi!  I remember Aini came with her huge belly to visit. Azhar who has business trip came to drop by and bought two slices of Dome cake, which obviously I can't eat! My so called "students" came with balloons and we joke around like we were in UTP. Ina G., who I met during a running event came with a bucket of Famous Amos cookies and got fine because she parked illegally at Alamanda. My dear Sue Lin came and they go wow at your beauty!! My other schoolmates who came and bring nice flowers arrangement. Wei, bile lagi nak kasi wehhh??? Athi and Halim who came and visit at home. Imani was a little girl. wearing a set of clothes I gave her. She can run like a champ now! Athi asked me a question that is not asked by others. Thanks Athi for the reminder. 

2 years later..

I sat on my chair and doing office work. I managed to earn my own money and pay the bills. I am 90% back to normal. I can drive, I can run. I can do almost all of the things I used to do before the surgery. Just that I can't do a few things I planned to do like diving, bungee jumping. Too dangerous for me and not good for my health. Sometimes, I even forgot that I am not 100% normal like others.

It was a topsy-turvy ride for the past 2 years. Those people have grown up. Some are now a mother/father to kid(s). Some are pursuing their dreams in a different country. Some already found their partner and building their small family. Some are still by my side and some are not. Whenever you are now, I pray that Allah will grant you with His utmost blessings. Thank you for being part of me. Thank you for believing in me and made me fight this illness. I couldn't repay you in this world. I hope He will in thereafter...

There are a lot of words of encouragement I received during this critical time. Generally, it's to lift up my spirit and fight this time-bombed illness. If you're being tested by him, go find yourself. Only you know what you want in your life, how you want your life to be. You're in charge of your happiness, not others. OK? Believe me, time will heal. Give it some time and you'll be ok. 

Here to more months and years to come!!!

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