Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I once fall in love with a guy.
A petite guy. Not too tall, just nice.
Fair skin, small eyes, not too hairy, everything just nice.
There's nothing about him I would like to complaint.
He's the guy, I choose to be with since I barely know the real world.
The guy I dream of spending my life with, to grow older together with.
I spent 1/3 (approximately) of my life with him.
Well, things happen kan.
We separated nine months ago.
I feel betrayed. Of course.
There are things about him I would like to forget.
The more I want to delete, the more I cherish it..
Memories remains...
Nope, I haven't completely move on.
I did, few steps.
I pray that one day I can do this..
I let him go to whenever places he wants to be
To the dreams of his life...
you stil and will always be at that special spot inside my tiny heart
Have a good years ahead


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