Friday, December 27, 2013

The day I knew the news

12 November 2013
I went to the hospital, KPJ Kajang. I've experiencing dizziness while I get down from level 10 to ground level and whenever I turn my body when sleeping. I feels like in cloud 9. I searched over the web and decided to go for Dr. Soezyani-she's a physician&neurologist. She examine me and suggested a few steps to go further. 1)MRI brain scan 2) Medication 3) Just let it be. I'm curious, what's wrong with me. So I decided to go for MRI scan, just to make myself satisfied.

But man, it' not cheap. Dr. Soezy said the cost might go up to RM4k. How can I find that huge amount of money in 2 weeks time? Dr Soezy scheduled the scan on 25 November 2013. I decided to use my company insurance. I went to the hospital again for the procedure. But there's some glitch with the insurance. They won't cover it since it's an investigative procedure. I went back and talk to the HR, Aloysius. He said, just go for it. If the insurance not covering the amount, we(company) will cover it. I talked to my Dr again and she gave a new date. 29 November to be admitted and the procedure is scheduled the next day. So, I patiently waited for the date.

29 November 2013

KPJ Kajang asked me to come in the morning. So, morning it is. Reached the admission counter and they said the room is not yet ready. They asked me to go back and wait for them to call once the room is ready. Waiting is too bored. If I knew this will take like the whole day, I should've gone to work. Until Asar, there's no sign of them calling me back. At about 6-ish I called them and the guy said, the patient just leave the ward and it'll be ready in 1 hour time. I decided to go at night just in case it's still not yet ready. At night, I still manage to go to Warta for Sport's Planet Sale and ate dinner at Chef's Cook. And the registration took like 1+ hour!!! It's a private hospital and this is how they work? Patients fork out a lots of money to get the service-it should be better! I only got my bed at 11.50pm. So, the journey with hospital begins here...

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